Are you looking for a breathtaking holiday experience in luxurious settings? If so, then why not try something different and take a luxury desert safari in Abu Dhabi with FA Tourism!

Whether you are seeking adventure or simply peace and relaxation, a luxury desert safari is an unforgettable journey that will make your mind wander and truly appreciate the beauty of nature. This incredible tour package offers alluring 4×4 rides across the vast Arabian Desert landscape, ample opportunities to learn about local culture and customs as well as insightful insight into traditional activities such as falcon hunting.

Get ready to be blown away by spellbinding views of red sands dune bashing while experiencing thrilling activities like camel riding and sand surfing. 

So come join us on this mesmerizing journey that promises great memories that will last forever.

What Is Luxury Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi ?

A luxury desert safari in Abu Dhabi is an upscale and exclusive desert adventure experience designed to provide tourists with the utmost comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment while exploring the stunning desert landscapes that surround the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) .

The Luxury Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi  Experience

The adventure begins with a pickup from your luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi. You will then be taken for a thrilling dune ride in a 4×4 vehicle, driving across the endless golden dunes of the Abu Dhabi desert at the perfect time to experience the best sunset views. Once you reach the campsite, you will have the chance to ride camels, try sandboarding, and enjoy traditional Arabic entertainment like belly dancing, Tanoura dancing, and a falcon show. Savor the flavors of Arabic cuisine with an impressive buffet dinner served under the stars.

Luxurious Accommodation

Your accommodation in the luxury desert safari in Abu Dhabi  is nothing short of first class, with luxurious private tents equipped with en-suite bathrooms and all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. The interior of the tents is exquisite, with traditional Arabic decor and plush bedding that will make you feel like royalty.

Spa and Wellness

After an adventurous day, relax your muscles and soothe your soul with a variety of luxurious spa treatments that will be available to you at the campsite. Indulge in a massage, unwind in the hot-tub or sauna, and experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

Star Gazing Experience

The desert sky is one of the best places to see the stars, as there is no light pollution or obstruction. Get ready to witness a mesmerizing and unforgettable view of the sky. The stars twinkle brighter and are easily visible in the clear sky, an experience that will be one of the most memorable parts of your desert safari.

Adventurous Experiences

The luxury desert safari in Abu Dhabi  is not just about relaxation and luxury; it’s also about adventure. You can take a camel ride, try sandboarding, or try your hands at dune bashing. The entire experience is sure to leave you feeling alive and refreshed.

Luxury Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi :Unparalleled Desert Adventure

Abu Dhabi’s vast desert landscape is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and with Fa Tourism, you can immerse yourself in its beauty and tranquility like never before. Our luxury desert safari offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation, promising an unforgettable experience.

The Fa Tourism Difference

At Fa Tourism, we pride ourselves on providing a luxurious and personalized desert safari experience that stands out from the rest. Here’s what sets us apart:

Exceptional Accommodations

Our luxury desert safari in Abu Dhabi  starts with a pick-up from your hotel in Abu Dhabi in a top-of-the-line, air-conditioned vehicle. You’ll then be transported to our exclusive desert camp, where you’ll find spacious, beautifully appointed tents that offer both comfort and style.

Gourmet Dining 

Indulge in a gourmet dining experience amidst the dunes. Our talented chefs prepare a delectable feast of international and traditional Arabian dishes, ensuring a gastronomic journey that delights your taste buds.

Thrilling Activities Adventure-seekers, rejoice! 

Our desert safari offers a range of exciting activities, including dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. Our professional guides ensure your safety while you have the time of your life.

Sunset Spectacle 

As the sun sets over the dunes, prepare to be enchanted by the breathtaking views. Our luxury safari includes a dedicated sunset watching experience, allowing you to capture those Instagram-worthy moments.

Starry Nights 

After an action-packed day, unwind under a blanket of stars. The desert’s clear night sky is perfect for stargazing. Feel the serenity of the desert as you relax by the campfire and enjoy traditional entertainment.

Sustainability Matters

At Fa Tourism, we are committed to preserving the beauty and ecosystem of the desert. Our safari experiences are designed to be eco-friendly, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. We believe in responsible tourism and do our part to protect the delicate desert ecosystem.

Booking Your Luxury Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Booking your luxury desert safari in Abu Dhabi  with Fa Tourism is easy. Simply visit our website and choose from a range of packages tailored to suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a solo expedition, we have the perfect package for you.


Abu Dhabi’s desert is a treasure trove of beauty and adventure, and Fa Tourism invites you to experience it in luxury and style. Our luxury desert safari promises an unforgettable journey through the dunes, providing you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on the ultimate luxury desert safari in Abu Dhabi in 2023. Book your adventure with Fa Tourism today and let us make your desert dreams come true. Explore, indulge, and create memories that will last a lifetime in the heart of the Arabian desert